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Sport is a gift from God. In order to get the most from athletics, we labor. The time and energy invested has a cathartic effect on the individual physically, mentally and emotionally. Sport is a "learning laboratory" for life. Many situations encountered in the athletic arena have parallels to those encountered in life. In sport, individuals are placed in situations revealing self discipline. Situations involving pressure, accountability, adversity, risk, reward, success and failure all reveal the level of self-discipline a person possesses. The situations faced in sport force either a positive or negative response from the people involved. In and through sports. an individual's growth is influenced by the degree of response to his/her situations experienced. While lessons learned from athletics do not guarantee success in life, it is a goal that participants in programs learn to appropriate and extrapolate the life-skills and life-principles gained from the sport. Athletics is an integral part of the education of whole student at Legacy Christian Academy. The athletic programs are used as a means to impact all involved in a positive godly manner to produce self-disciplined leaders with Biblical convictions. We will fundamentally train athletes to know and understand their sport, the discipline required to succeed in and beyond their sport, and the perseverance and commitment needed for lifelong health and Biblical leadership.

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